The MoMo is a TradingView indicator designed to evaluate momentum and give the user signals according to momentum shifts, strength, extensions, traps, and divergence. It’s an all in one oscillator that will make reading price action near term and long term much easier.

3-Month plan


$41 / Month

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monthly plan


$49 / Month

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One-time plan


$439 Only

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Built for TradingView

The MoMo was designed using pine script, therefore it is only accessible on TradingView currently.

All in One Oscillator

The MoMo is a complex tool that gives the user a wealth of information about how an asset is moving. Shifts in momentum, top reversals, bottom reversals, and divergences are all made easy to find when using the MoMo.

Reversal Trading Made Easy

Find tops and bottoms and know when to trade them by using the MoMo. Know when a trend is entering an extension and is very likely to pullback with an easy to understand coloring system.

Key Features Of The Product

Leave the Fomo, Buy the MoMo

If you’re struggling to determine trends, find bull traps, find bear traps, find divergences, find tops, or find bottoms, stop struggling and make your trading easy with the MoMo.

  • Finding Trend Momentum: A positive number indicates a bullish bias, a negative number indicates a bearish bias. When the Price or Trend line are ascending while below 0 this indicates that the bearish momentum is weakening. When the Price or Trend line are descending while above 0 this indicates that the bullish momentum is weakening.
  • Finding Tops and Bottoms: When both Price and Trend Lines are above 10 or below -10 this will begin to signal an extension. Purple indicates the bears are extended to the downside and a pullback or trend reversal upward is likely. Gold indicates the bulls are extended to the upside and a pullback or trend reversal downward is likely.

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