Trouble finding your edge?

We design and produce indicators to combat problems traders frequently face.

Our user-friendly indicators make following trends and finding key price levels to trade much easier. Trading made simple.

Have trouble understanding charts?

We provide ongoing support to help you learn the basics as well as the more advanced skill sets and techniques to help you develop in a constantly changing market.

Want to learn from profitable traders? 

Our team of traders show you everything—from the winning trades to the losing trades; from technical analysis to trade execution—our transparency in showing you how to be profitable is unmatched.


The Oasis Trading Group looks to help new traders or traders that have just not found their edge in the markets yet. We offer community driven learning, proprietary indicators built in-house, and an array of tools and bots to help sharpen your edge.


           DEJABREW | Lead Trader

           STICKY | Lead Trader

     GYRO | Lead Coder

           JMA | Auxiliary Options Trader

        SERAPHIC | Auxiliary Crypto Trader

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