The Oasis Trading Suite is a TradingView indicator designed to make following trend and finding key pivot points very easy. It provides the trader with advanced trend coloring for candles, pivot points both high and low, and a trail that will follow price and give signals when a “buy the dip” or “sell the rally” opportunity is presented.

3-Month Plan


$33 / Month

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monthly plan


$39 / Month

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One-time plan


$299 Only

We accept Paypal and Crypto.

Built for TradingView

The Oasis Trading Suite was designed using pine script, therefore it is only accessible on TradingView currently.

Technical Analysis Made Easy

Stop wasting time finding support and resistance and determining trend on every single chart. The Oasis Trading Suite will do the hard work for you.

Master Trend Trading

The Oasis Trading Suite makes finding and following trend very simple. It uses an advanced formula to determine trend and colors candles accordingly.

Key Features Of The Product

Trend is Your Friend

Struggling to follow the trend? Finding yourself constantly trading against the trend? The Oasis Trading Suite will prevent these common mistakes. It will help you master the trend, swim with the river not against its current. 

  • No More Chop, Bull/Bear Candle Coloring: The Oasis Trading Suite overrides your basic candle coloring to give you a cleaner chart that follows overall trend. This will help prevent trading against trend. 
  • Buy the Dip, Sell the Rally: The Oasis Trading Suite has a built in trail that will alert the trader when a trading opportunity is possible giving a perfect time to enter a trend or add onto existing positions. 

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