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Our Discord Membership gives you access to our exclusive community led by full-time traders and the following:


  • Five free indicators, exclusive to our members
  • Weekly Write up for Stocks, Crypto, and Commodities, Summary of Markets
  • 10% off all Oasis Trading products (such as indicators, scanners, and future products)
  • Free 1-1 Tutoring
  • Analysis + Live Trades from full-time traders
  • Market watch-list for Stocks, Options, and Crypto
  • Live trading chat room to discuss ideas and interact with fellow traders
  • Educational content which includes videos, books, and walk-through images
  • Flash sales 

A trading chat room by traders for traders.

Led by full-time traders with years of experience trading multiple markets, the Oasis Trading Group offers extensive educational content along with the opportunity to trade live alongside our team.

We strive to build a no nonsense community filled with members that are all working to improve their trading on a day to day basis.

The Oasis Trading Discord is a Trader’s Paradise. Come join us!


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Been using Momo since release and it’s absolutely essential for my manual trading strategy. Can’t praise it highly enough and same go’s with Deja himself, wonderful guy who gives a heap back to the community. Haven’t come across anyone who matches the time and effort that he puts into everything. I also use OTS on the charts with the S/R indicator and wouldn’t change the setup one bit. Couldn’t be more thankful! - CHED

As the New Year has just started I want to wish you all a great success ahead and advice you to make most out of this discord. Lads here are very helpful and very transparent. I have been personally using few indicators and they are very helpful to make my own decision. As we are still growing this is the best time to ask questions and learn as Deja and Sticky give proper answers to any questions. Individual attention is scarce but here its priority so make most out of it. I have myself learned so much over the course of few months and after being here I have left many twitter accounts and groups as I dont need them. Basically they will teach you how to fish rather then spoon feed you. Best of luck guys and hope to see a lot more content. - Thunder Bolt

Don’t need to say much when number talks itself over 900% up in this three weeks. It was a roller coaster :roller_coaster: ride. - Slytherincrest

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